This Friday, June 8th from 6:00pm-7:30pm, we’re transforming our store and the parking lot into a Toy Testing Lab, where kids ages 3-12 can be toy testers for some of the best Summer Activities! Each child will have the opportunity to rate all the activities on a scale from LOVED to BORING.                                                                                 No Registration Required and completely FREE

During the event, for every purchase over $10, you will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Gift card!

                                                                               A sneak peek of the Toy Tester Products
Golf Pool

Is it golf? Is it pool? Test out your skills and see
how well you can play two games at once!       
Glove a Bubble

Make bubbles by wearing a glove on your hand!
You'll make lots of bubbles and there is no
blowing involved!

OgoDisks are a great summer activity! Play
bybouncing around a koosh ball or use
water balloonson a hot summer day!
We even have Ogodisks with
the Pittsburgh skyline.
Slick Tricks

Bounce a bubble in your hand, make geometric
shapes with bubbles or make bubbles in bubbles!
Get creative with this great set.
There will be more toys to test! So come out, test some toys, and have some fun!

About Us

Castle Toys & Games currently operates in two Western Pennsylvania locations offering creativity, imagination and adventure! Our neighbors often bring their friends and out-of-town guests to experience what they call “the best toy store around Pittsburgh.” While we’re aiming to be the best toy store in the WORLD, we do love the local hype!