The Royal Family

Ever since she discovered Castle Toys & Games, Jennifer, busy mom of three and designated birthday present buyer, has been getting the royal treatment as a member of The Royalty Club.

In the past few months, she’s been invited to exclusive New Toy Arrival Playtimes…has enjoyed a 10% rebate on all of her purchases…and two of her kids have even gotten the chance to pick a free gift from the Royal Birthday Vault.

On top of that, she hasn’t had to drive to that “big box” toy store at the mall in months. Which is nice.

Now, thanks to her loyalty to the store over the past several months, Jennifer is celebrating her coronation into the highest level of the Castle Toys & Games Royalty Club: The Royal Family.

And the list of benefits are enough to make even Princess Kate envious:

  • Access to a selection of $6 treasures
  • Special offers and mailings
  • Invitations to customer appreciation events
  • Royalty Club Store Rewards (10% back on all purchases)
  • Access to the Royal Birthday Vault (ages 10 and under)
  • A personalized gift (after 12 visits in a year)
  • Special preview privileges to exciting upcoming events
  • Invitations to New Toy Arrival Playtimes
  • VIP access to special Castle events
  • An upgraded personalized gift
  • Invitations to special Round Table events
  • Invitation to Castle Toys and Games’ annual Customer Bash
  • Special Royal Family only opportunities throughout the year

And just think…just a few months before, whenever Jennifer needed to buy a gift, she’d have to fight the traffic to the mall before wandering aimlessly around that toy mega-store, searching in vain for something unique and high quality, before finally settling on something, just so she could get out of there and on with her life. Now she’s being treated like a queen, all for just supporting a local store that actually cares about its customers.

And why not? After all, she deserves it.

Now if Castle Toys just had a spa in there somewhere…

For more information on the Castle Toys & Games Royalty Club, stop in one of their stores today — in Beaver (682 Third Street) and in Wexford (12033 Perry Highway).

About Us

Castle Toys & Games currently operates in two Western Pennsylvania locations offering creativity, imagination and adventure! Our neighbors often bring their friends and out-of-town guests to experience what they call “the best toy store around Pittsburgh.” While we’re aiming to be the best toy store in the WORLD, we do love the local hype!