The Queen’s Court

Meet Jennifer. Busy mom of three. Designated birthday present buyer. Jennifer usually goes to the big chain toy store at the mall. But one day she decides to check out Castle Toys & Games.

As soon as she walks in, Jennifer is greeted by a friendly face. “Hi. What can we help you find today?” Wow, she thinks. I never had someone ask if I needed help at that other toy mega-store. Come to think of it, she never could find someone to help her when I needed it.

While her kids run off to play (What? They actually let you play with the toys here?), Jennifer is guided to the toddler section, where the friendly helper shows her a great selection of unique, high quality toys to choose from. In a matter of minutes she picks out the perfect gift for her niece.

Over at the register, the employee offers to wrap Jennifer’s niece’s gift—for free! And while she does, she tells Jennifer all about the Castle Toys & Games Royalty Club. Jennifer buys a lot of gifts throughout the year, so the Royalty Club sounds like a no-brainer. Plus, membership is totally free! What’s not to like?

Now Jennifer is officially a member of The Queen’s Court—the first level of the Royalty Club—giving her immediate access to the store’s selection of $6 Treasures, and putting her on the list for special offers, mailings, and invitations to customer appreciation events. Plus, when she comes back in and makes a purchase just five more times during the rest of the year, she’ll qualify for 10% back on all purchases, and access to the Royal Birthday Vault (ages 10 and under), too!

As Jennifer rounds up the kiddos and heads out the door, she smiles, knowing that she’s not just Jennifer, busy mom of three anymore. She’s Jennifer, busy mom of three, and member of The Queen’s Court.

So this is how the other half lives!

For more information on the Castle Toys & Games Royalty Club, stop in one of their stores today — in Beaver (682 Third Street) and in Wexford (12033 Perry Highway).

Level One — The Queen’s Court

Members of The Queen’s Court get a taste of royalty with exclusive offers and special invites to in-store events. Join the club and from day one, you will receive:

  • Access to selection of $6 Treasures
  • Special offers and mailings
  • Invitations to customer appreciation events

After 6 visits in one year, you will qualify for:

  • Royalty Club Store Rewards (10% back on all purchases)
  • Access to the Royal Birthday Vault (ages 10 and under)

About Us

Castle Toys & Games currently operates in two Western Pennsylvania locations offering creativity, imagination and adventure! Our neighbors often bring their friends and out-of-town guests to experience what they call “the best toy store around Pittsburgh.” While we’re aiming to be the best toy store in the WORLD, we do love the local hype!