The King’s Council

Remember Jennifer? Busy mom of three? Designated birthday present buyer, and member of the Castle Toys & Games Queen’s Court? Ever since her first visit to the store, she’s been telling her friends about it and stopping back in to buy gifts for birthdays, baby showers, good report cards, and more.

Today Jennifer pops in to pick up a Boogie Board for her nephew who loves to draw, and when she goes to check out, she gets some great news.

“Congratulations!” says the smiley Castle Toys & Games employee. “This is your 12th visit this year. That mean’s you’re now a member of The King’s Council!”

Wow, thinks Jennifer. The King’s Council! What will the other PTA members think?!

As the friendly employee wraps Jennifer’s gift for free, she tells her that now, in addition to enjoying all the benefits of membership in The Queen’s Council – discounts, benefits, invites to special events, etc. – Jennifer will receive…

  • A personalized gift
  • Special preview privileges to exciting upcoming events
  • Invitations to New Toy Arrival Playtimes
  • VIP access to special Castle events

And, oh yeah, Jennifer is also benefiting from using her referral cards, which gives both her and her friends access to the Royalty Club and gives her even more rewards.

And Jennifer was just happy to avoid the traffic at the mall!

For more information on the Castle Toys & Games Royalty Club, stop in one of their stores today — in Beaver (682 Third Street) and in Wexford (12033 Perry Highway).

About Us

Castle Toys & Games currently operates in two Western Pennsylvania locations offering creativity, imagination and adventure! Our neighbors often bring their friends and out-of-town guests to experience what they call “the best toy store around Pittsburgh.” While we’re aiming to be the best toy store in the WORLD, we do love the local hype!