I'm soooo sorry about the texting issue yesterday.

Many of our customers received a deluge of text messages from us yesterday as we experienced a complete system breakdown. I am truly sorry this happened. We are not sending Today's Deal by text. 

Our intent was to send out a single text message presenting the Deal of the Day in the morning and before it was over, some customers received as many as nine (yes nine) repeating text messages. Several of you pulled the cable to stop the texting train by replying via text and/or calling the store to "Please Make It Stop!".We are working to ensure that anyone who asked not to receive more text messages are being removed from the list. If you are on our email list you'll continue to receive the Deals there. 

I want to assure you that we would never intentionally send multiple text messages regarding a single offer. We value your privacy and always try to be tactful, timely and respectful. Please accept my personal apology for this unintended abuse of this communication tool. We hope to regain your trust quickly.

In the meantime, if it would be in some way therapeutic for you to return the favor with a few expressive emoticons in my direction, my text number is 724.350.2773. I will look forward to hearing from you - sort of.

Jeff Lyden

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