Wholesale Mugs

Hello Fellow Retailers!

We have Mom and Dad coffee mugs in overstock that may be a fit for your store for Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. These are the same mugs found at Amazon Enesco ($12.99 ea or) and Our Name is Mud (12.95 ea) sites. Each mug is a generous 4.8" tall - a very impressive gift! And each comes in a sturdy cardboard gift box which is suitable for use a shipping box without repackaging. 

We're offering these mixed in case quantities of 24 while supplies last at $6 each plus shipping.


I Love Mom

I Love Dad

Cuppa Dad

Cuppa Mom

The Box

Fronts with links to purchase them:
The back of each: 

Add these to your cart in whatever quantities you'd like. When you hit 24 total pieces the price will change from the retail price of $12.99 to your wholesale cost of $6.00 ea. We will only ship wholesale orders in 24 piece lots. Shipping cost will vary based on your location. Cases are 29lbs and measure 20" x 15" by 11". Each mug is packaged individually in a brown gift box pictured above. Available while supplies last. 

Questions? Call Jeff at 724.350.2773.