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Introducing Video Shopping

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We've just introduced a new platform for offering our products for your consideration. It called Video Shopping! We know that video is the next-best thing to being in the store. And we'll continue offering help in the other ways too, like recommendations by phone and by Facetime, Duo or any video-calling app you'd like. And you can still shop away on our website which keeps getting better and better.

But we were looking for a simple way for you to view items by video and add them to a cart without having to start from scratch on the webpage. Using CommentSold we are able to show you products and tell you why we think they're great, and you'll be able to place them into a shopping cart to purchase when you see something you like. It's a very new offering for us and we hope you like it. 

First things first, you'll need to register so you can add items to a cart.

Go to to get started.

Next, watch for our Facebook Live videos. Each will present a segment of our product offering - small bites - so you can evaluate a short list of things. During the video, you'll be able to add a "comment" using the word Sold and identify the item you are interested in, like "sold 115". Item 115 will then be added to a cart with your name associated. You'll be notified in FB Messenger that you have items in your cart and you'll have six hours to either check out, add/remove items from the cart, or  let the cart expire. If it expires, others will then have access to those items. Oh, and if you're interested but we've sold out, it'll save a list for when it returns to inventory.

Q.) How do I register? Go to and sign-up. It just takes a couple minutes.

Q.) How do I add something to my cart? While watching the video (live or not), add a comment below the video using the word sold and the item number.

Q.) What if I miss the live video? All videos will remain on our Facebook page and we'll also link each to this page. See blue boxes below. You can still shop the older videos!

Q.) Can I watch it later and still add to my cart? Yes. As long as the post is on Facebook, you can watch and add items to your cart.

Q.) Can I suggest which items to make a video of? Yes, just contact Jeff at [email protected] and use the subject line "Video Shopping Suggestion"

Q.) What do I do if there's an issue? Contact Jeff at [email protected] and use the subject line, "Video Shopping or CommentSold Issue".

Q.) How will I know if you've covered a section that I'm interested in? On this page we have a link to each video by topic covered. You'll be able to click these and they'll take you to the video.

Q. What if I don't use Facebook? These videos are presently only available on Facebook. Please create an account here and sign up. No other Facebook activities would be required.