Thank You Super Supporters!

Thank you Super Supporters!

Your support has been overwhelming and inspiring!

As a reward for your wonderful support during this trying time, please accept our gift of

20% off all purchases of Gift Cards!


Click here for gift card options

Use Online code SUPERSUPPORTER Now through Sauturday, May 2nd. And as an added bonus, anything added to your cart in the same purchase will also be discounted 20% as well! Gift Cards can be purchased in several denominations so buy them today and give them as gifts or for your own use as you make online purchases in the future.

For online Gift Cards, we will email a code to use in the future purchase. These codes will have to be used fully in a single transaction. So If you'd like to spread them out in several transactions please buy in smaller denominations. If you would rather buy cards for in-store use when we open or over the phone with a Toy Expert, please call the stores to make your in-store gift card purchase.

This promotion is only being offered to you who continued or began to make purchases at Castle Toys and Games during this crazy pandemic time. We cannot express our gratitude fully here but please know how much we truly appreciate your support!