Store Locations

When you visit our stores you’ll be greeted as you enter, welcoming you to our place. Our goal is to provide exactly the amount of help you desire. Whether you’d like to browse the store or need help on your way to the birthday party with a fast, wrapped gift to make someone smile, we’re here to assist you as needed.

You’ll find a variety of toys out of their boxes and ready to be played with. And we keep our Game Table stocked and ready with demo games so you can play before you buy it. How else can you know your family will love it when you get it home? We’d like you to see the quality and value of your gift before your purchase. We’re proud of our selection and understand that in many cases, the package only tells a part of the story.

Our stores are in western Pennsylvania; one in the small, homey and historic town of Beaver and the other in Wexford, a vibrant and growing northern suburb of Pittsburgh.


In Beaver our building is over 100 years old. Its structure and interior were completely recreated when we moved there in 2009. It’s the only business in the historic district which offers two floors of retail space. Truly a special place, you’ll want to take the family and enjoy the town after your trip to the toy store. Beaver is known for its quaint shops, independent merchants and beautiful parks. It’s a must-see.


Our Wexford store is different in many ways. Wexford is a newer, more upscale community. Our store there is located in the Pine Tree Shoppes, a center built in about the year 2000. Many of the merchants at Pine Tree are also smaller independent retailers and restaurants, creating an area where you can find truly unique gift ideas and dine on wonderful foods of great variety.

Our store is laid out with plenty of aisle spacing and a comfortable view of all of our products. Our customers tell us they enjoy the store because they don’t feel overwhelmed by products stacked to the ceiling as at other stores they’ve visited. Strollers and wheel chairs have plenty of space to navigate and little hands can touch all the right things.

So we’ve designed stores which have a comfortable and relaxed feeling. We think we’ll quickly become your favorite place to shop. Whether you’re rushing to the party or out for an afternoon of leisurely shopping, you’ll love our stores.

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About Us

Castle Toys & Games currently operates in two Western Pennsylvania locations offering creativity, imagination and adventure! Our neighbors often bring their friends and out-of-town guests to experience what they call “the best toy store around Pittsburgh.” While we’re aiming to be the best toy store in the WORLD, we do love the local hype!