Mime Control Dino-Drone Red

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Product description

What if a flying pterodactyl could read your “mime”? With Mime-Control™ Dino Drone™ it’s not the future, it is now The Mime-Control™ is a wearable remote that uses gesture technology and allows users to control their Dino-Drone™ with hand movements. Anyone can do it, as the remotes are adjustable to all hand sizes. The Dino-Drone™ is Pterodactyl-shaped and has a 3D flip function that makes flying look real. Not into that much action? Dino-Drone™ Pterodactyl can also hover “quietly” and explore around. Come see this new-to-the-world innovation – Mime Control™ Dino Drone™- brought to you by Neat-Oh! A flying Pterodactyl that reads your mime!