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Heads Talk Tails Walk

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Can you hop like a frog while clucking like a chicken?

Stack the body tiles in a pile face up and spread the head tiles face down all around the playing area. On your turn, you've got to try and find the correct head tile to match the body tile.

Every match you get right earns you a point. But if you get it wrong... That's when the real fun begins!

A horse's body with a monkey's head? - Everyone has to get up and walk around the room, trotting like a horse while talking like a monkey!

Whoever finds the most correct matches wins the game. But don't worry - If you lose, you'll be too full of giggles to care!

Put your memory skills to the test with the hilariously fun game of Heads Talk Tails Walk.

Heads Talk Tails Walk

  • Memory game that turns losing into hilarious fun for all
  • Encourages memory skills, coordination, good sportsmanship, creativity, laughter
  • Everyone's sure to laugh, whether they win or lose!
  • Try to match head tiles with body tiles
  • If it's a match - keep it as a point
  • If it's not a match - Everyone has to walk and talk like the mismatched tiles
  • Whoever collects the most correct matches wins the game
  • Includes 10 large body tiles, 10 small head tiles
  • Detailed instructions and game rules included
  • High quality materials - Exceptional gameplay


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