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Faux Bow 4.0 - Kyanite

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Product description

Foam Archery Set

The Faux Bow gets a sleek new look and a performance spinning handle so you can release and shoot even faster. It's the amazing alternative to a regular bow and arrow. Aim. Fire!

Active Outdoor Fun

Boys and Girls will love sporting their bow & arrow. So fun and easy to shoot, just load the arrow, pull back & watch your arrow fly at awesome speeds to a distance of up to 100 feet!

  • Durable, lightweight, foam tip arrows provide safety, power and fun!
  • Archery set is made with high quality, non-latex & phthalate materials
  • Quick release spinning handle lets the arrows rip.
  • "Bow Tip" Quiver keeps 6 extra arrows right at your fingertips.
  • Ultra light arrows soar at amazing speeds & fly impressive distances.