Darda - Speedway Champion

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Creating top-quality racers since 1970, DARDA brings you the world's fastest car race with Speedway Champion! This set features a scale 1:60 Formula racing car with a standard motor (made of 24 components by itself!), 3 small baseplates, 4 long tracks, 4 looping elements, 2 flex 180° curve tracks, 1 looping flex track, 4 track joiners, & 4 looping joiners. The track can be assembled in multiple ways, & even combined with any other DARDA track for infinite possibilities!

No electricity or batteries are needed to make the precision motor in the Formula racer go, you must simply prime it & let it go! To prime the motor: Press the racer down, roll it back & forth until loud TOK TOK noises are made, then release! A fully primed motor can reach a top speed of almost 600mph & accelerates from 0 to 62mph in a tenth of a second.
Motors are replaceable (sold separately). Recommended for ages 5+