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Product description

The must-have accessory for all your on-the-go adventures!

Teebee is more than just a box for storing your favorite toys. So much more.

Unlike clunky rectangular boxes that have to be set off to the side during play (heightening the risk of them being bumped and spilled), Teebee is designed to fit perfectly between the legs, turning it into a storage space and play space in one - Emphasis on the play.

The two hinged lids fold out smoothly to create play trays that sit nicely over each leg while the divided tray can be taken out and fitted onto the front edge of the Teebee. No more having to juggle or balance toys precariously on your lap!

And here's the best part - It's amazingly versatile.

You can use it for arts and crafts, action figures, open-ended building toys - It comes with a brick plate for your interlocking bricks! - Plus, it's made entirely of food-safe, leak-proof plastic, so you can even use it as a lunchbox and food tray in one!

Once you befriend Teebee, it'll be hard to imagine how you were ever able to live without it.


Teebee - Play & Store Toy Box
Unique storage box cleverly designed for frustration-free on-the-go play
An absolute must-have accessory for all your travels
Triangular shape fits comfortably between the legs - Less risk of it being bumped over
2 hinged lids fold out to become play trays
Divided sorting tray fits onto front edge
Features brick plate for building with interlocking bricks
Food-safe - Makes a perfect lunchbox for eating in the car, on the plane, or anywhere
Features a leather adjustable handle - Easy to carry
Snaps shut securely with hinged fastener
Available in Green and light blue
Includes one Teebee storage box, friendly eye stickers for adding a touch of personality
Measures 5.75 x 6.75 x 6.75 inches when closed
Measures 17 x 14 x 5.25 inches when open with sorting tray attached to the front
Made of high quality, Food-Safe, BPA-free plastic
Hand wash