Harper Collins

Charlotte's Web

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Wilbur is a lucky pig. As the runt of his litter, he is to be "done away with" shortly after birth, but Fern, the farmer's daughter, begs to keep him. She loves him and raises him and bottle-feeds him for weeks, until it is time for Wilbur to be sold to a nearby farm.

Wilbur adjusts to his new life, but he misses Fern. He wants a friend, someone to make his days lively and fun. Then he meets Charlotte, a loving and energetic gray spider who's spinning a web in the rafters of the barn.

They become best friends right away. Wilbur admires Charlotte's kindness and intelligence; Charlotte loves Wilbur's sweetness and warmth. But their happiness doesn't last—the farmer is planning to turn Wilbur into a meal. Quick-thinking Charlotte promises to save the life of her friend…but how will she do it?

Tender and magical, this fast-moving book celebrates the bonds of friendship and the importance of loyalty.