Mini Golden Cupcake, Special Edition (7'')
Not yet rated
Special Edition 2018 Golden Cupcake Mini Squishable
Soft and Smooth to Touch - Perfect for Cuddling
7 squishy inches of ELEVEN YEARS!
Surface washable only
For ages 3 years old and up
$25.99 $19.49
Mini Taco Squishable
Not yet rated
With this Taco, what you're getting is cuteness, softness and joy. Hug a Taco! We guarantee the filling won't fall out the back!
$19.99 $9.99
Squishable Octopus Purple
Not yet rated
Most cephalopods are skilled in the art of changing colors. Except this guy, he's sticking with purple! But that doesn't hurt his camouflage abilities - is he that lilac flower over there? Those snazzy wizard robes? That bunch of grapes? Who can tell! So
$46.99 $23.49
English Bulldog Squishable
Not yet rated
Who're you calling a tough guy? Why, that's a load of bull...dog!Bulldogs have actually been bred to be the perfect lap pooch! Despite their grumpy-looking exterior, they're really big softies who just want to snuggle on the couch, maybe with some pie? Mm
$45.99 $22.99
Moon Squishable
Not yet rated
This Squishable moon is pretty much the cutest little plushy ever made, and he would like to say hello to you! Go on and give him a cuddle!
Snail Squishable
Not yet rated
This particular Snail isn't slimy at all, but instead he's bright, soft and cuddly! The facts remain the same though: Snails are adorable, they love to share their snacks, they have hot fuchsia shells!
$42.99 $21.49