Spirit Sidecar Philip
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Spirit is a lovely range of lacquered solid wood vehicles. Featuring its own inimitable style and French design, it is sure to please children young and old! A wooden dog side-car with gloss paint and rubber wheels.
$29.99 $7.50
Penguin Stacker & Rocker
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Stack the seven wooden and felt pieces together, and this roly-poly penguin waddles with a little push. Build confidence with the building process and fine motor skills, and add a dose of silly!
$17.99 $8.99
Body Magnet
Not yet rated
LEARNING: Helps kids learn about the anatomy of humans on the wooden doll
FLASHCARDS: Set includes 18 cards, 76 magnets and 1 pointer stick
LANGUAGES: Body cards come printed in 9 different languages to promote intercultural awareness