Denise needed a party game for her 10 year-old's birthday party. Tonight!

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Denise needed a party game for her 10 year-old's birthday party. Tonight!

She had to quickly move the birthday party to home, tonight!

Denise is a regular at our store. When she came in today she told me that this morning she and her husband had decided to move the birthday party for her 10 year-old daughter and her seven friends to the house rather than the big event venue they'd planned to use. The virus scare was all over the news and she thought it might be unwise to host the party at the big crowded party venue. Maybe her daughter's friends wouldn't come or, even worse, would someone be exposed???? So if hosting the party at home was the thing to do she'd need some great games for these kids and some small gifts for the girls too.

We were able to show Denise several party games that would be great fun for at least 8 players. We looked at Blank Slate, Tenzi and Pciwits! All great choices for 10 year-olds. And all nice, loud and fun games for parties.

She chose Picwits and Tenzi for the party games. Both excellent choices. But Denise also wanted something she could give each child that they'd be excited to receive at the end of the gathering. She chose Crazy Aaron's Putty in a variety of types because, "everybody likes putty!".

If you're looking for some party games, we not only have a wide selection, we can recommend the games we carry because we've played most of them! So when you see a group coming over, ask us for a recommendation. We won't steer you wrong!


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