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Aircraft Engineer

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Product description

Kids First is a new line of construction kits that introduces scientific topics and hands-on empirical learning. Aircraft Engineer presents a funny story of two inquisitive characters on a hilarious family vacation. Along this roundabout trip, they build various flying machines to help the people they encounter solve problems and complete tasks. As kids follow along, they can build models of the 10 vehicles featured in the story. Large, colorful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together. The kids start out by building a passenger jet to bring their family to a tropical island. After they arrive, they construct a helicopter to help some scientists studying sea turtles reach a remote island, and then a seaplane to bring them back. As they continue along their trip, they also build a biplane, space shuttle, prop plane, hang glider, supersonic jet and other airplanes to help out their friends. From each humorous segment of their silly adventure, the kids learn something new and collect a funny souvenir.