12 Deals of Christmas 2017

Each weekday between now and Christmas Eve, we'll have a Today-Only fantastic deal for you. And these won't be a sale on an item in our regular stock. No. These are special purchase items chosen specially to make your Christmas a bit more fun.

Here's how it works (video)
Deal #1 - You Pick 3 of 6 select Djeco games 
3 games for just $39.00

Djeco is known for high quality throughout the brand. These six games range in players from ages 3+ to 7+ in a variety of play style. Choose from Tombalo, Flora Color, Totrtuboom, Mosaico and/or Tactilo Loto. See store for details.

Deal #1
Deal #2 - Wintery Snowman Home Decor 
Buy a bundle of 3 wonderful pieces for $20

Two cute bundles available to choose from or, go ahead and buy them both.
Bundle 1, The Joy Bundle includes the Snowman Sitter, Joy Blocks and Plaid Skate Doorknob Hanger
Bundle 2, The Snowman Bundle has the Snowdorf doorknob hanger, Lighted Wall Hanger and Folded Table Sign

Deal #2
Deal #3 - Pusheen Ear Muffs and Change Purse
Buy both for just $20

Stay warm with these adorable Pusheen ear muffs, and choose a pink, purple, or green Pusheen change purse to go with them.

Deal #3
Deal #4 - Animated Gund Plush Animals
Available for only $20!

Super soft Gund animated animals that sing and dance.
Choose from the Happy Birthday Bear, the Story Time Bear, the Grunting Wiggly Pig, or Peek-a-Boo bear in pink or blue.

Deal #4
Deal #5 - Peek-a-Boo Pillows Turn Inside Out
Available for just $12.50!

These super soft pillows unzip to reveal a big cozy pig or a sleek leopard. The adorable Orca is carrying a baby orca in it's pocket!

Deal #5
Deal #6 - Desktop Bowling and Basketball
Get it today for just $8.00!

Fun and classic, Desktop Bowling or Basketball make great gifts for grab bags, office parties or older kids!

Deal #6
Deal #7 - Plasma Reactor & Slime Time Bundle
Get them both for just $20.00!

Get two great science kits today for one low price! Plasma Reactor & Slime Time are two fantastic kits for young scientists.  Keep them both or give them as gifts!

Deal #7
Deal #8 - Preschool Crafty Bundle
Get all 3 for just $30.00!

Three excellent crafty kits for moms and grandmas to do with the preschoolers they love. Sticker Dogs, Lacing Flowers and Butterflies and Colorful Zoo - all from high-quality Djeco.

Deal #8
Deal #9 - The E-Bird Remote Control Flying Machine
Available for just $25.00!

It's a remote-control bird! How cool is that? You'll be amazed at how bird-like it flies.  Fly it indoors or outside. What an excellent deal!

Deal #10 - Djeco Art Kits Bundle
Get all 3 for just $40.00!

Three outstanding art kits from Djeco that are perfect for the young artist in your family.   These great quality sets include step-by-step instruction books with felt paint or watercolor markers.  The art kits feature pirates, flower fairies, or garden fairies. They are perfect for kids ages 7-13.

Deal #10
Deal #11 - Stocking Stuffer Day
Everything in the store that fits in our stocking is buy things 1 and 2, get thing 3 free!

It's time to fill those stockings! Everything in the store that fits in our stocking is buy things 1 and 2, and get thing 3 free.  No, they don't have to be three of the same thing.  Check out the video to see just a few of the many things that will fit into the stocking.  Come buy as many 3s as you need!
Thursday Only

Deal #11
Deal #12 - Gift Card Deal
$30 Gift Card for just $20!

Come on in today and get the perfect gift for everyone on your list - a Castle Toys and Games gift card.  Today only you can get a $30 gift card for just $20! The $30 gift card can be redeemed beginning 12/26/17.
Friday Only

Deal #12
Second Chance Deal Day December 23

Saturday, December 23 is Second Chance Deal Day. If we have some of the deals left, you're welcome to them. Come in and see them all laid out together.

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